Top 10 systems for on&offboarding for CTO / VPE

Jun Seki
2 min readJun 29, 2021


I’ve been doing on and off boarding employees a lot of times throughout my careers, sometimes even myself as well. I usually saved them on Confluence page and duplicate one and tick them off one by one.

Here is the common template / list that I used.

IT Admin

  • *Email account (on GSuite admin). It needs to be done as a first thing for onboaring and last thing for offboarding.
  • *Set up a Slack account , invited to related Slack channels (development, backend, mobile, etc.)
  • Invitation to 1Password or relevant systems
  • Access to Dropbox / Google drive folders
  1. IT Governance
  2. Licences (Tech related)
  3. Security / Compliance / Privacy Policies

Project / Product Management:

  • Product demo / videos
  • Any relevant information on Agile ceremonies (daily standup, retrospects, sprint planning, sprint meeting, etc.)
  • Access to JIRA / Confluence or relevant project / product management tools
  • Access to roadmap tools
  • Access to tracking / analytics tools (GA, FB, mixpanel, etc)
  • Access to UML tools (LucidChart, etc)
  • Access to any 3rd party systems (Stripe , etc)
  • Access to marketing tools (Mailchimp, wordpress)
  • Access to feature flags management tools (launch darkly, Firebase config)


  • System architecture diagram / Database scheme
  • * Access to source control tool + codebase (Github, Bitbucket).
  • Coding guidelines, standards & best practices etc
  • Introduction about Github projects
  • Invited to Google Developer account
  • Access to Google PlayStore
  • Invited to Apple Developer account
  • Access to Apple App store
  • Introduction about Backend systems / cloud services (Azure, AWS)
  • Coding syntax & versions
  • Logs & Caches etc
  • Access & introduction about Database
  • Access to other developer tools (Postman, Charles Proxy, XCode, etc)


  • * Access to hosting / Cloud service provider (Azure, AWS, GCP etc)
  • Certificates & private / public keys
  • Access to CI/CDs (Circle CI, AWS pipeline, etc)
  • DevOps related portals (Kabana, Datadog, Geckoboard etc)
  • Incidents management process including post mortems (JIRA status page)
  • Monitoring & Alerting systems (Prometheus)
  • VPNs
  • Any other documentations


  • Bugs & Backlogs (JIRA)
  • SLA
  • Access to ticketing systems (JIRA Helpdesk, Zendesk)


  • Introduction to Design process
  • Design tools setup (Figma / Sketch/ Zeplin / Adobe)
  • Design folders
  • Access to any A/B testing tools (Optimizely, Apptimize)
  • Access to any UX improvement tools (UXcam)

QA Testing

  • Test case management tools (Testrail, Zephyr etc)
  • Any test automations scripts
  • Manual test scripts



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